Warfare of the Night

It wakes her from the dead of night, the realm of sub-consciousness,slowly crawling up through the depths, gnawing to be released into the darkness.  She prays that this time, this attack will only last as long as the night. This attack she will battle with the words softly spoken in the dead of the night… Continue reading Warfare of the Night


A City in Judgement

The great desolation of a city where isolation co-exists with the laboring of the living. Where judgement had been sent forth and destruction mystified in the perennial vision of your mind. Where life once lived had derailed and all that could be seen was overgrowth of time spent out.  A city that once flourished, which… Continue reading A City in Judgement

Where are you in your Worship?

Worship is a priority we place on who God is in our lives and what priority he is to us in our lives.  Worship is to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission  (Webster dictionary.) It is the expression of who God is to us. It is the total focus away from us onto Him. It is the… Continue reading Where are you in your Worship?

The Call

It’s the voice in the wilderness, the calling of His child. It is he, The God of Heaven that hears the cries of His child. His heart is attuned to hers for He has made her His own. It is His child that dwelled within the secret place of His Holiness, the Lord God Almighty. … Continue reading The Call


Like the soft whisper of the night wind, he’s calling you. Can you feel his presence? It surrounds you, it cocoons you,  he’s the cool crisp air from the mountain peak, as you take a deep breath, your breath catches... the atmosphere has changed.... He’s here, you can’t see him, but your soul knows it… Continue reading Surrender

The Rope That Binds

There is a Cord of many strands. The tie that was once knitted so finely together begins to unravel. The finely woven pattern begins to unloosen, that which was bound and interwoven with fine threads begins to weaken and so it is with our lives, the lives that were destined for glory, for the riches… Continue reading The Rope That Binds

Crown of Beauty

It was the heavy burden she carried from years past. A woman in mourning, a grieving soul. The deep hollows of her heart, echoing the afflictions of past destruction. As her souls cries out in the wilderness of her mind, he feels her anguish; the despair of her call to him, the distinct cry of… Continue reading Crown of Beauty

The Gathering

The old familiar sound as the screen door squeaks. The Sunday afternoon dinners. The peaceful gatherings at the table among family. The hymn sung at church. The beautiful sound of the piano being played to the Old Rugged Cross.Those sounds are gone never to return in the same familiar way. The church was sold, the… Continue reading The Gathering


  Is it the misconstrued conception that we have allowed society to falter our mind-set in our ability to achieve the in-achievable?   The years of abuse and neglect have programmed the mind to ascertain that it cannot be completed, that which was predetermined on a life even before birth. As God begins to minister to… Continue reading Beloved