My Lily…My Love

O, come my sweet, my love to the field of Lilies. O, come and smell the sweet fragrance bursting forth. Delight in my gift to you my love. Come to the Field of the Lilies. O, come and see the field made for you. Come and lay in the bed of Lilies and let the… Continue reading My Lily…My Love


Ashes of Truth

What sounds that come from deep within, what anguish too bear.  The travail of mourning so raw it reaches the heart and echoes out breaking the barrier of time and space. The sound so vile is what they said. Absent are the sight and sounds of the ones that do not have hears to hear… Continue reading Ashes of Truth

The Discipled Life

The disciple takes the lashes no one can see, the pain for being his disciple was done willingly. For every vile word they spake against thee, is another lash that goes deeper, but only momentarily. Sore, bruised and bleeding for no one sees the pain they  go through to be a disciple for thee. I did… Continue reading The Discipled Life

The Wedding

Just as the bride awaits the groom, liken to the Lord awaiting his return to earth to receive his bride. He has waited for his bride a thousand years. 2 Peter 3:8 But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years… Continue reading The Wedding

Women of Intercession

As she rise's from the darkness of the night, the Father awoke her from the slumber of her rest. He chose her to be a Woman of Valor. Victorious in the battle's of life. To intercede for the multitude that have lost their way. To intercede for the ones that life has anchored down and… Continue reading Women of Intercession