The Rope That Binds

There is a Cord of many strands. The tie that was once knitted so finely together begins to unravel. The finely woven pattern begins to unloosen, that which was bound and interwoven with fine threads begins to weaken and so it is with our lives, the lives that were destined for glory, for the riches… Continue reading The Rope That Binds


Holy Spirit

Everyone has their own perspective of Holy Spirit. A gift bestowed from the Father. The sacred realm of his holiness, it is he who resides within each  person who has received salvation. He is a restorer of such, the Godhead to many who will allow him into their hearts. He is a changer of ones… Continue reading Holy Spirit


  Is it the misconstrued conception that we have allowed society to falter our mind-set in our ability to achieve the in-achievable?   The years of abuse and neglect have programmed the mind to ascertain that it cannot be completed, that which was predetermined on a life even before birth. As God begins to minister to… Continue reading Beloved